Brett Ammundsen — Trustee

Brett is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Biomatters, an Auckland-based, genomics software company. Prior to joining Biomatters, he was involved in the executive management of a number of young technology and life sciences businesses through his company Diablo Management Limited (co-established with Mark Talbot).  His expertise is in management, integration of science and technology with business goals, and optimising the value of intellectual property in business. Brett is an accomplished scientist and author of more than 50 papers in science and technology journals, as well as a contributor to various patents and books.  He holds BA degrees in History and Science and a PhD in Chemistry and Physics from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Brett was born in Samoa and spent much of his childhood in the South Pacific. His interest in microfinance developed after traveling through rural, impoverished parts of Africa, where he was impressed by the enterprising spirit of many people despite their limited access to resources.