Success Stories

Through our microfinance (MFI) field partners, MicroDreams touches the lives and businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs, who in turn invest in their families’ education and housing needs. MicroDreams is proud to be an organization focused on empowering dreams and changing lives, one at a time.

Meet the microentrepreneurs we have helped. Click on any image to view more details.


In her own words, Mercedes describes how FUNDAMIC has helped her: "FUNDAMIC is the only institution that has given me any support since 1997. It has helped me not only financially but also boosted my morale. During this entire time, FUNDAMIC has had its doors open.

María Juliana

María Juliana started with a $200 loan and is now on her 12th loan with FUNDAMIC. She has taken out two loans of $1,000 each. With the money she has borrowed, María Juliana has built a three room home on some land she owns in a poor area of Quito.


Yolanda is married with two children. She has a furniture making business with her husband and has used a US$ 600 from Fundamic to expand the business.


Maria is a single mother of four children with her own food stall business. She has just taken out her third loan from FUNDAMIC. She has used her first two loans to invest in raw materials she needs for her business, mainly potatoes, yucca, rice and sugar.


Leonor is a single mother of four children. She works at her roadside food stall every afternoon. She has a whole cadre of loyal clients. Leonor has taken out 4 loans from FUNDAMIC. She has used the money to purchase the utensils and the BBQ grill necessary for her business.


Alejandrina is married with four children. She first contacted FUNDMIC for a loan because of the problems she was having with her husband. He refused to contribute any money to the household or for the upbringing of the children. This left her no choice but to find a source of income for herself. ...


Irene, 32, has been with Emprender for nearly 9 years, since 1999. At that time Irene lived with her family in a one-room house. The one room served as the bedroom, the kitchen and the living area. Her husband worked as a driver, and Irene ran a market stall selling grocery items.


Richard has worked with Emprender for 8 years. He has worked with other micro-finance institutions but says that he likes to work with Emprender because the loans are all short term. Paying back the loans and staying on top of his own cash flow is important to a budding businessman like Richard.


Customers lean leisurely over the counter in front of Penina's General Store as its owner and namesake pops the tops of the Coke bottles.


Tina used her creativity, industrious work effort and a loan from MicroDreams to implant herself right into the middle of the Samoan construction industry.