Success Stories

Through our microfinance (MFI) field partners, MicroDreams touches the lives and businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs, who in turn invest in their families’ education and housing needs. MicroDreams is proud to be an organization focused on empowering dreams and changing lives, one at a time.

Meet the microentrepreneurs we have helped. Click on any image to view more details.


A client of SPBD Fiji since November 2010, Kalera Dikakua has been busy expanding her canteen with the micro loan she received from MicroDreams’ partner, SPBD Fiji.  She started her business with only FJ$40 (US$20) – money that she earned from selling flowers.  Kalera has co ...


Apolo became a client of South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) Samoa in 2006 after friends encouraged her to join the program.  Apolo is now in her seventh loan cycle, accessing WST2,000 (USD830/NZD1,100) in financing.


Makalita has been the main bread-winner for her family since her husband left her and her 5 children 24 years ago.  She’s a relatively quiet woman with a dogged determination to succeed.  Her motivation?  Providing for her children and grandchildren as well as her elderly bro ...


Genoveva has been a valuable client of Emprender, MicroDreams’ field partner in Bolivia, since 2005.  Doña Genoveva, like many clients, joined Emprender as a member of a solidarity group.  Due to her solid repayment history, she has graduated to become an individual lending client ...


Industrious Asenaca Qalilawa joined SPBD Fiji in December 2010 and has since expanded her sources of income successfully. She used her loans to buy: (1) a sewing machine to make beautiful Fijian clothing to sell; (2) material to weave more kutas (Fijian woven mats) and (3) manure and fertilizer for her flower garden to supply potted plants to business offices...


During a financial literacy training in Tonga last September, a group of clients completed a visioning exercise.  For Melesisi, this was an incredibly powerful and emotional activity.  In thinking about her hopes and goals, her vision for a better future is linked to an education for ea ...


Because of the lack of employment in the area, Karina decided to open a business making picture frames. She has used the loans to purchase material and market her products. Karina is now well known in the area and has established a good clientele.


Two years ago, Lorena decided to take out a loan with FUNDAMIC to start a small bakery. She is currently on her second loan and has used it to purchase materials in bulk. This has substantially increased her profits.


Mariana started her business four years ago selling general goods and little by little got involved in hair dressing. She paid back her first loan of $200 on time. On this, her second loan, she has been in arrears because she got sick and was bedridden for several weeks.