Pots & Pan Factory
Village: El Alto La Paz, Bolivia

Richard has worked with Emprender for 8 years. He has worked with other micro-finance institutions but says that he likes to work with Emprender because the loans are all short term. Paying back the loans and staying on top of his own cash flow is important to a budding businessman like Richard. Richard’s main business is making aluminium pots and frying pans. He also has another business selling gifts. When Richard took out his first loan of USD $70, he only had one machine for working the metal. He now has four of these drills, which translates to four times the production. With the increase in his productivity, he has expanded his sales area. He now sells his pots and pans in Cochabamba, Oruro as well as La Paz. Richard is 27 years old, single and lives at home with his parents. The factory and the gift shop businesses are run as a family affair. He works along-side his siblings so the business expansion has benefited Richard’s whole family.