Village: El Caton de Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador

Ramona has a little shop selling groceries, and loans from FUNDAMIC have allowed her to expand the variety of the things she can sell. She has used the loans to buy seasonal items specific to the many “fiestas” celebrated in her country. Ramona also uses the working capital loans to buy in bulk in order to control the cost of her supplies. She pays attention to the changing needs of her clients and stocks items to meet the demand. Her attention to customer service has enabled her to build a loyal cadre of customers. Ramona has paid back all of her previous loans in a timely manner. She has built a great credit history with FUNDAMIC that ensured swift approval of her latest loan of US$ 450. This is her fourth loan from FUNDAMIC. Ramona’s family has gone through turbulent times; she is separated from her husband and must support herself and her children on her own. But now, thanks to a regular income from a stable business, she is even able to contribute to the costs of raising her granddaughter. Her youngest son lives at home with Ramona. He is attending college, and Ramona and her shop is able to pay the tuition!