Lapaha, Tonga

Success can be summed up in three words- never give up.

After operating an unsuccessful business selling kiekie, a Tongan-styled formal dress, our young entrepreneur had an idea: secure loans for an improved business. With the help of SPBD, Pasiano became a successful entrepreneur, as she shares her story:


Elated by SPBD’s recognition of her hard work and dedication to her business, Pasiano explains that, “I am very proud to be one of the many who has succeeded in using these loans to further my business.”

Pasiano, a mother of four young children, lives in a rural village in Tonga. Her husband, who was a delivery driver, did not make enough income in order to support their family needs. Prior to becoming a member of SPBD Tonga, Pasiano did not make a lot of money and explained that, “life was a bit hard and sad” for her family.

Eager to find a way to improve her family’s financial stability, Pasiano applied for a loan in order to start her own small, weaving business. After her failed Tapa business, whose high costs kept her from pursuing, she began receiving loans to start a weaving business. With hard work and additional financing from SPBD, she secured a source of steady income. Along with the income, SPBD’s loans allowed her to purchase supplies such as bundles of pandanus, which are essential to the art of weaving.

Pasiano was able to start weaving taovala mats with a great variety. This was a life-changing experience for Pasiano and her family, as she was now earning around $100USD: “I can complete three small taovalas a week and sell each one for TOP$100($43USD),” explained Pasiano.

Now that Pasiano’s weaving business has been improving, she has also been able to put money away in savings, making it a greater family priority. Saving provided Pasiano with money to cover certain housing expenses such as roof expenses and for the foundation of her new house. “Now my family is able to have breakfast every morning, and have meat for dinner every day,” she explains. Saving a portion of her earnings each week, Pasiano wishes to share a quick message to her fellow members: “If we use the loan for business purposes, and do well, we will obtain good results after.”