Fijian tapas
Suva, Fiji

Makereta Matemosi began designing authentic Fijian tapas in 2004. She spent years perfecting her craft, but struggled to eke out a living through her sales until she received a loan through SPBD in 2011. The funds allowed Makereta to purchase more materials and increase production of higher quality merchandise. Through her loan, financial training, creativity and a stroke of luck, Makereta then received the incredible opportunity of redesigning the company brand for Fiji’s staple airline, Fiji Air. She went on to develop the logo that is now visible on all of their airplanes today.

Her striking and intricate designs of geometrical shapes and symbolic motifs reflect her nation’s distinct traditional artistry and have inspired many other organizations to re-brand with a more authentic Fijian flair. Her success with Fiji Air has strengthened Makereta’s belief in business expansion, improving one’s standard of living and providing an education for her children. Her top priority is, and always will be, providing for her family. Her lucrative business has provided employment for her relatives and source of income for their own families. Makereta’s story of incredible achievement has made her a fierce competitor for SPBD’s Business Woman of the Year and is a model example of how a simple loan can truly change someone’s future.