Food Stall
Village: El Caton district of Quito, Ecuador

Leonor is a single mother of four children. She works at her roadside food stall every afternoon. She has a whole cadre of loyal clients. Leonor has taken out 4 loans from FUNDAMIC. She has used the money to purchase the utensils and the BBQ grill necessary for her business. Unfortunately, Lenor was in arrears with recent payments due to illness. But as soon as she recovered and was able to work again she caught up with her payment schedule. The loans have allowed her to expand the menu of her little stall, thus helping her business appeal to a wider clientele. Her children are all still in school. They all have small jobs they do during their free time to help with the family income. The four are busy everyday between school, work, homework and helping out their mother. But they are all hard workers. The main improvement in Leonor’s life since her association with FUNDAMIC has been that she can now afford to see a doctor on a regular basis. She can also afford the medication she needs and is able to continue with the treatment of her illness.