General Store/Canteen
Suva, Fiji

A client of SPBD Fiji since November 2010, Kalera Dikakua has been busy expanding her canteen with the micro loan she received from MicroDreams’ partner, SPBD Fiji.  She started her business with only FJ$40 (US$20) – money that she earned from selling flowers.  Kalera has come a long way since she first opened her store.  With the improvements she made due to SPBD’s assistance, she now earns FJ$400 (US$220) in income each week, and FJ$100 (US$55) of that is profit.

SPBD not only provided Kalera with a loan, but also savings and insurance.  SPBD Fiji also provided non-financial services to her including business planning as well as financial literacy training, including budgeting and planning.

When asked about the greatest change SPBD has had on her life thus far, she replies saying that she now saves.  “This is the first time I’ve saved.  In the past, I only thought about the day-to-day, now I think about saving and planning for the future.  I wish I were young again so that I could start saving earlier.”

She also understands what it takes to develop a business. Kalera now views her shop as a long-term investment – a source of steady and growing income for her family – not just a place where she could earn a little bit of money occasionally.  This is important now that she is the main income generator for her family.