Shoe manufacturing workshop
Kupini, La Paz, Bolivia

Genoveva has been a valuable client of Emprender, MicroDreams’ field partner in Bolivia, since 2005.  Doña Genoveva, like many clients, joined Emprender as a member of a solidarity group.  Due to her solid repayment history, she has graduated to become an individual lending client.

Doña Genoveva manufactures and sells shoes (“calzados de cholitas”).  Her house is her workshop.  With financing from Emprender, she has been able to grow her business, and now she and her husband Roberto are expanding various rooms of the small house.  She says that the construction is possible thanks to the opportunity of financing that she received from Emprender.

“Esta es la casa de Emprender, ya que gracias a la institución hice levantar mi casita, Emprender me da suerte y pago sin problemas.”
“This is the house of Emprender.  Thanks to the institution I was able to improve my small house.  Emprender brought me luck and I pay without problems.”

Dona Genoveva has four children, and thankfully three of them are now independent and able to take care of their own needs.  She only has one young daughter who lives at home and studies at university.