Caroline Meloli

Honiara, Solomon Islands


Brickmaker Builds Her Way To Success!

Caroline Meloli, a 50-year-old entrepreneur, was determined to better the lives of not only her family but also her community as a whole. In a rural area just outside of Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, Caroline lives with her children and her husband, who is a church pastor.

Prior to joining SPBD, Caroline made bricks and sold them locally as her source of income.  However, determined to grow her business, Caroline took out a loan of SBD$3,500 (US $441) from SPBD. With this money, she was able to purchase larger amounts of cement, and therefore increase her production.

After successfully repaying her 1st SPBD loan, Caroline took out her 2nd loan of SBD $5,300 (US $667). She purchased two new brick casings to accelerate her production further. 

Now, Caroline receives orders from churches, schools, and individuals on a regular basis.

With her success, Caroline decided to build a Home-Stay in her community, where the benefits can be shared amongst her children.

Caroline strongly believes that SPBD has benefitted her community by giving women like her opportunities to improve their lives, as well as the lives of their families and their communities. Her determination and hard work, along with the support of SPBD, have empowered Caroline to grow her small, local business into a flourishing one. She would like to encourage others, particularly underprivileged women, to utilize their time and talents to create their own sustainable small businesses to improvethe quality of life for their families.