Do you track your daily expenses? You may be impressed to know that thousands of our members across the South Pacific are doing just that. 

Building financial capability - one client at a time - is not easy work, but it's critical. SPBD is teaching women about the importance of tracking business and household income and spending, as well as saving money and budgeting. 

More insight into spending habits opened Ana Kedarayate's eyes. "I really like the financial diaries. When I started keeping track of my spending, I realized that I was spending TOP$15 (US$7/NZ$9) per week on lollies for my children. I could not believe it! I stopped buying lollies and started buying a bag of apples, which are healthier snacks, for TOP $5. I put the difference of TOP$10/week in my savings account in SPBD Tonga. My husband and I are now really focusing on saving." 

Ana has saved enough to fund her business and does not need a new loan. She will borrow again when she needs funding, and she will continue to save.