Signs & Poster Maker
Village: El Caton de Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador
Alejandrina is married with four children. She first contacted FUNDMIC for a loan because of the problems she was having with her husband. He refused to contribute any money to the household or for the upbringing of the children. This left her no choice but to find a source of income for herself. She was granted a loan to start a business making signs for other businesses. With her first loan she bought the necessary materials; plastic, paints, glue etc., and with these she was able to start designing and creating the colorful signs. Her children all attend school, have adequate clothing, are well fed, and their health has improved due to the additional income that Alejandrina has been generating for the family with her business. Alejandrina is now on her fifteenth short-term loan from FUNDAMIC, and she has repaid all her previous loans in full and on-time.