"I'm proud of my mother." Through the Eyes of Her Son

Sep 09

Seini Mafile'o joined SPBD in 2011, and with her first loan of TOP$1,000 (US$535/NZ$685), she bought fabric and expanded her clothing line beyond primary school uniforms. Her sewing business grew successfully, and she now employs her son, David, full-time. 

"I'm proud of my mother," says 34-year-old David. Asked what changes he's seen in his mother since she joined SPBD, he immediately replies, "She's happier. She's willing to work hard, and she's happy."

The mother-and-son team both sew and sell their clothing in the main market. They also take orders. 

"My mother taught me to sew," says David. "I've been sewing for 10 years. My mother can't see well at night, so she sews during the day. I sew day and night during our busiest times to fulfill all of our orders."

Seini adds, "We are sewing more, and we are selling more. Our income is increasing, and we are saving to build a house. We bought land in Kolomotoua, closer to the market." 

What are their dreams for the future? The first priority is to build the house. Then, they want to buy a stand-alone clothing shop to sell their beautiful clothes. 

Who sews better you might ask? (I did!) David laughs and points to his mother.