Families of cyclone victims to receive death benefits

Jun 02

Families of two victims who died during Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston will receive death benefits from South Pacific Business Development (Fiji) Ltd.

The two women from Ra and Tailevu were members of the micro financing firm.

SPBD Fiji Ltd general manager Elrico Nunoz said the victim's families would receive the package to assist them in their recovery efforts.

"We have two members who died in the cyclone and because we have death benefit package for all of our members we were able to give their beneficiaries the package," he said.

"To ensure that all of our members who were adversely affected by the cyclone are assisted, we will be giving them a startup package that will at least last them for a month.

"Once we get these packs to them then we will concentrate on helping them rebuilding their homes."

He said repayment of loans by members would also be relaxed to allow them to recover.

"The next stage is rehabilitation because we have to look at their houses and so for members who were really badly affected we will extend their repayments for at least another four weeks.

"We will extend the repayment times because we will need more time as well to regroup and ensure our members return to some sort of normalcy and start their business all over again."


SOURCE: Fiji Times